Champlain Orchards upgrades inventory management system

October 18, 2019

Champlain Orchards, a family-owned and ecologically managed farm, recently received more than $15,000 from the Vermont Training Program (VTP).

Champlain Orchards recently upgraded its inventory management system and VTP monies will be used to train staff in construction, customization, and use of the new system. Champlain Orchards is among the first in its sector to introduce this technology. It will allow the company to track all of its products from tree to shelf, which streamlines business operations, inventory planning, forecasting, and customer service.

“Proper training of our staff is essential if we are to fully understand and utilize this integrated inventory management system; VTP funds make it possible for us to train people thoroughly,” said Champlain Orchards owner Bill Suhr. “We are proud to be able to further invest in our employees and are very grateful for the assistance provided by VTP.”

As one of the oldest continuously operated orchards in the state, Champlain Orchards grows over 100 varieties of apples on its 220 acres of fruit trees. Today, the farm employs about 35 Vermont residents and is responsible for producing 125,000 bushels, or almost 5 million pounds of apples per season. Champlain Orchards products can be found across New England in supermarkets, schools, online retailers, food co-ops, colleges, and restaurants.

“We are happy to provide training funding to Champlain Orchards, so they can invest in their employees as technologies change and evolve,” said Joan Goldstein, Department of Economic Development Commissioner. “By upgrading its inventory management system, it improves efficiency of harvests and overall orchard management.”

For more on Champlain Orchards, check out a recent video of Bill Suhr talking about the Vermont apple harvest.

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