Revision Ballistics awarded Vermont Training Program Grant

October 16, 2019

Revision Ballistics, LTD., a manufacturer of protective helmets, armor, and other equipment for military, law enforcement, and special operations, has been awarded a workforce development grant totaling $160,967 from the Vermont Training Program (VTP).

The funding will support cross-training existing employees in manufacturing steps to increase capacity and productivity at the company’s Newport facility. Revision Ballistics is seeking to evolve production to Lean Manufacturing practices, which reduces waste while still ensuring top-quality products. The training will be led by in-house employee experts, with the support of Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC) facilitators and trainers, who will work closely with Revision leadership to execute Kaizen cycles of improvement. The training is expected to last eight months.

“Customers continue to look to us for world class performance, innovative technology, and increased flexibility to customize and integrate our products and systems. As such, operations need to be efficient and flexible – and our manufacturing practices and workforce need to adapt to meet these evolving needs,” said Scott McClure, Plant Operations Director. “VTP has been instrumental in helping us create a plan to develop our workforce capabilities. This training will have a transformational effect in providing our customers world-class protection, growing the vitality of our operations here in Vermont, and expanding career opportunities for Vermonters.”

To date, Revision Ballistics has sold more than 1.1 million helmets to the U.S. military, an additional 300,000 helmets internationally and more than eight million units of spectacles, goggles, and Rx carrier adapters worldwide. The company has recently began manufacturing power management and integrated systems as well.

The Newport facility is the primary site for helmet and armor manufacturing.  Between 2013 and 2016, the facility expanded by 16,000 square feet and the number of employees more than doubled. In 2017, the Newport facility had 186 employees and is looking grow to more than 200 people in the near future.

“Revision is a great example of a company continuing to grow, shipping their products around the globe while bolstering economic development here at home.  This company’s success and expansion at the Newport facility brings benefits to the Northeast Kingdom region that ripple across the entire state,” said Commissioner Joan Goldstein of the Department of Economic Development.

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