Groennfell Meadery works to advance careers through VTP

October 21, 2019

Groennfell Meadery, a Vermont craft beverage company, recently received a grant totaling $3,237.50 from the Vermont Training Program (VTP).

Groennfell, which means “Green Mountain” in old Norse, is Vermont’s premier craft meadery. Its mead is made from 100% True Source honey. Based in Colchester since opening in 2013, the meadery recently moved to St. Albans to focus more of its attention on production.

The company is also transitioning three part-time employees to full-time status. One will take on the role of regional sales manager, another will take on the role of senior brewer, and the other will take on the role of assistant brewer. VTP funding will be used to train these individuals for their respective roles. Brewers will be trained on brewing fundamentals as well as production training, while its sales manager will be receiving training in direct sales, market strategy, and employee management. Groennfell prides itself on caring for its employees and believes its employees will feel more job satisfaction with this training.

“Thanks to the Vermont Training Program, we were able to create more than just jobs; we created good jobs,” said Ricky Klein, Head Meadmaker of Groennfell Meadery. “We would never have had the resources to train so many people for new roles in the company without the support of VTP.”

“This is a clear example of how the Vermont Training Program can help companies both large and small to prepare their workforce as their business evolves and grows,” said Joan Goldstein, Department of Economic Development Commissioner. “Kudos to Groennfell Meadery for pursuing this opportunity and advancing operations in St. Albans.”



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