Vermont Training Program to support granite industry workforce

March 19, 2019

The Vermont Department of Economic Development has approved a workforce training grant of $40,055 for Buttura & Gherardi Granite Artisans to reboot and update granite apprenticeship trainings.

Buttura & Gherardi Granite Artisans will rewrite the old apprenticeship programs to make them more accessible to new-comers looking for careers in the industry. Significant training is required for artisans and programs can range from six months to two years.

“Vermont’s granite industry is regarded as one of the best in the world and historically the state had robust apprenticeship programs,” said Joan Goldstein, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Economic Development, which oversees the Vermont Training Program. “Bringing these programs back will allow our granite industry to continue to lead, while also growing our skilled workforce.”

The grant will allow Buttura & Gherardi to implement three apprentice positions, provide training to new sales personnel, and to update training programs and procedures.  Developed apprenticeship programs will then be expanded and shared with other granite manufacturers under the guidance of the Barre Granite Association.  These training monies and the resulting apprenticeships will help to address a unique pain point for this trade industry.

“This is an exciting time for Barre’s granite industry. There is tremendous opportunity for lifelong careers in many different positions, and these apprenticeship programs will help attract workers to an industry that typically has a difficult barrier to entry. As the fourth generation working in my own family’s business, I am happy to be part of a project that will help to further define the granite industry in Barre,” said Paige Gherardi Lamthi, Vice President, Buttura & Gherardi Granite Artisans.

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