Start-up Packetized Energy innovates energy demand management

July 13, 2018
A group of men and women

Packetized Energy is doing what most start-ups dream of. They’ve just moved into their own space. After a whirlwind 18 months of new staff additions, product testing, and tech licensing, this energy sector company is poised for growth–some say growth of “unicorn” proportions. A unicorn business is one with assets of $1B or more.

What started as an idea among three University of Vermont faculty members has developed into a uniquely promising business. They have developed algorithms and products that help manage energy supply and demand, creating a cloud-based service that allows energy-using devices (like home appliances) to access energy when needed, tapping into renewable sources like wind and solar as well as non-renewable sources. By staggering consumer energy needs over time, the company helps achieve an affordable and predictable balance of supply and demand between utilities and their customers.

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