PC Construction awarded Vermont Training Program grant

March 14, 2019

PC Construction, an employee-owned company headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont, has been awarded $88,511 in Department of Economic Development, Vermont Training Program grant monies.  Funding will be used to supplement PC Construction’s overall training initiatives, which target technical, business, management and leadership skills for the company’s employee-owners. Specific areas of training include construction contracting, financial management, and leadership competency development.

“We are incredibly thankful for the State of Vermont’s commitment to companies like PC Construction that develop over 150 skilled Vermont workers annually and impact $300 million of the state’s annual economic activity,” said Jay Fayette, PC Construction President & COO. “We love it when our employee-owners take advantage of the opportunity to sharpen their skills and commit even more to the Vermont marketplace. This support from the Vermont Training Program will encourage more Vermonters than ever to focus on their career growth.”

PC Construction is also at the center of the Vermont Talent Pipeline Management (VTPM) construction collaborative.  This employer-led model aligns workforce needs with skills being offered at local and national construction education organizations. The initiative supports expanded learning and internships; strengthening the talent pipeline for the industry.  The National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) credentials in Core Construction and Construction Management will inform these work-based learning opportunities.

“PC Construction is ensuring their workforce is trained for the future of this important industry to Vermont’s economy,” said Department of Economic Development Commissioner Joan Goldstein.  “Their ownership model lends itself to employees investing in themselves to keep critical construction jobs filled with qualified workers.”

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