Wheel Pad Module Connects Veteran to his Family Home

September 10, 2018
Group of people posed in front of a new house and a crane Wheel Pad

Wheel Pad is a Vermont company that manufactures eco-friendly 200 square foot universally accessible bedroom and bathroom modules that can be temporarily or permanently attached to an existing home. August 28th was a big day for Wheel Pad, when they installed a module on the home of veteran Edmond Little, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2015. As his mobility began to change, Little and his family began looking for the perfect solution and found Wheel Pad. Little had one request: the space needed to be large enough to share with his wife. As a result, the Wheel Pad XL was built.

After spending the previous school year building the Wheel Pad XL, Norwich University professor Ed Schmeckpeper, his students, and Wheel Pad founder Julie Lineberger saw the send-off of their project to Little’s home in Jericho, VT. Read the full story.

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