April 2nd is Vermont Equal Pay Day

April 02, 2019

Governor Phil Scott today signed a proclamation recognizing April 2, 2019 as Equal Pay Day in Vermont, highlighting the gender pay gap between men and women’s earnings and the importance of promoting women’s equality in the workforce.

“Closing the wage gap will undoubtedly have many positive outcomes for Vermont. It could reduce Vermont’s poverty rate, generate millions in our state’s economy and help attract more working families to Vermont,” said Governor Scott. “More importantly, it would help put us one step closer to providing equality for all because that’s the right thing to do.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Vermont’s gender wage gap is 14 cents, with women receiving an average of 86 percent of men’s earnings. Vermont currently ranks sixth in the nation for gender earnings ratio, a ratio that is even lower for women of color and women with disabilities.

“Vermont stands out in the country in the progress we’ve made bringing women’s wages up, but the health of our entire economy depends on making sure that all Vermonters’ contributions are valued, that everyone has access to opportunities that use their full talents, and that no one lags behind,” said Cary Brown, executive director of the Vermont Commission on Women. “Equal pay is an essential part of that picture.”

Governor Scott signed the proclamation at an Equal Pay Day event, joined by members of the Vermont Commission on Women, the Legislature and representatives from advocacy groups, including the League of Women Voters, Building Bright Futures, Evolve, Girl Scouts and the Women Business Owners Network.

The full proclamation can be viewed at https://governor.vermont.gov/content/equal-pay-day-proclamation-19-031.

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