The Budrow Family Finds a Home in Rutland

January 19, 2021
A family of four standing with their dog

For the Budrow family, the choice to move to Vermont was already made in the back of their minds during a 2018 trip, during which the family of four drove the state’s federally designated scenic byways, explored Vermont’s downtowns and enjoyed  bountiful and unique lodging properties. 

“That trip sold us on Vermont,” Calista Budrow said. 

The family got more serious about pursuing their move after hearing a segment on National Public Radio about Vermont’s Stay to Stay program, which connects people hoping to make the move to the Green Mountains with information on housing, employment and community resources during a weekend-long exploratory vacation. 

In April 2019, the family visited Rutland through the Stay to Stay program. Brian was sold, but his wife, Calista, needed a little more convincing. 

Over the course of the Stay to Stay weekend, Calista realized how welcomed she and her family felt in Rutland. 

Through Stay to Stay, we instantly found a group of parents who were also new to the area, all with kids around the same age. Without missing a beat, we had a playgroup going (and) we were going to the kids museum, library story hour, and kid-centered nature trails,” she said. 

Their children, Teddy, 5, and Wren, 4, settled in with their new friends almost immediately. 

“We were welcomed before we even moved,” Budrow said. “We had a meet and greet arranged for us at the local brewery that was separate from the events of the Stay to Stay weekend. We met and drank with about 30 locals, many of whom we are still friends with.” 

Brian, a carpenter, found a job through connections he made during the family’s Stay to Stay trip, and was able to begin work quickly. 

The family also bought a three-unit apartment building as a secondary source of income. 

We feel fortunate to have discovered Rutland County and recommend the area to anyone thinking about moving to Vermont. We have found this county to be affordable, welcoming, and central to events and recreational activities. We are also beyond excited about the energy in the local government that is dedicated to the revitalization of the area,” Budrow said. 

Since moving to Rutland, the Budrows are enjoying the slower pace of life in Vermont, and the connections that come with being part of a close-knit community. 

Budrow also appreciates the focus on sustainability and environmental awareness that’s part of life in Vermont. 

“Major steps have been taken in Vermont to preserve the health of our communities and our environment. I’m impressed by the statewide universal composting law and the single use products law. Vermont is a place that strives to be sustainable and safe, and as a new resident that is raising a young family during uncertain times, that is encouraging,” she said. 


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