BioTek awarded Vermont Training Grant

April 17, 2019

BioTek, a Winooski-based life science instrumentation firm has been granted $96,887 from the State‘s Vermont Training Program.

BioTek will work with the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC) to develop and deliver the Lean Fundamentals (Lean 101) and Improving Workplace Communication curriculum.  The first training will incorporate classroom, simulation, and selection of real opportunities faced by those diverse teams from BioTek. The second training will be utilized to help support and sustain improvement in communication, so a culture of collaboration emerges, and productivity can be enhanced.

“I am very excited that BioTek is working with VMEC. VMEC has shown continuous success in helping manufacturers innovate, plan, and grow,” said Joan Goldstein, Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development. “We believe that partnering with VMEC to improve its product and people will continue the success of Biotek in Vermont.”

VMEC focuses on the strategies, technologies, products, processes, and people to form solutions that allow businesses to reduce costs and become more competitive in the business climate. Manufacturing is the largest sector of Vermont’s economy, generating $1.89 of additional economic activity for each dollar spent.  VMEC finds appropriate business solutions to provide significant client return on investment.

“We are thankful to the state for providing us this grant as it helped our employees be trained in various aspects of lean manufacturing; helping us compete globally while making it locally in Vermont,” said Amit Lodha, BioTek’s Director of Manufacturing.

With its headquarters in Winooski, BioTek has grown to be a premier business for life science instrumentation. Its products can be used for a variety of applications such as cell counting, histology, and cell proliferation. Starting in 1968, the company has shown sustained growth since 1982, when it introduced its first microplate reader. Today, the company has expanded and has opened offices in China, India, Singapore, Switzerland, and Canada. Working with many partners, it helps provide solutions in the area of drug discovery, clinical diagnostics, blood screening, and even veterinary medicine.

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