Aviatron to train technicians on new aircraft parts and systems

February 05, 2020

Aviatron, an aviation component repair company, has recently been awarded over $8,000 through the Vermont Training Program (VTP), a workforce development program.

The grant funding will allow for employee training with Canadian aerospace manufacturer Bombardier on their CRJ 200 and CRJ 700 jet airliners.  Employees will be certified on the aircraft parts and be able to troubleshoot issues. The skills are transferrable, so new or current employees will gain this proficiency through on-the-job training.

“It’s a great support from VTP to get our technicians exposed to these aircraft systems,” said Zlatan Valjevac, Aviatron VP of Operations. “You can only get so much experience from books and manuals. Seeing the final result and how all the components work and operate together is amazing and very helpful.”

Aviatron began operations in Montreal, Quebec and has served the commercial and regional aerospace industry with quality component overhaul services for over thirty years.  In 1994 they expanded into the regional airline market and added a U.S. division, based in South Burlington.

“As Vermont’s aerospace manufacturing sector continues to mature, having companies like Aviatron train their employees on new technologies is invaluable,” said Agency of Commerce and Community Development Secretary Lindsay Kurrle.  “It is important to keep Vermonters at the forefront of this industry and the Vermont Training Program helps do just that.”

Specializing in the overhaul of air cycle machines, cooling turbines and air turbine engine starters, Aviatron supports many different planes across multiple manufacturers. They have drastically reduced cost and lead times by producing a full range of aftermarket parts and are positioned to offer major cost savings to operators worldwide.

About the Vermont Training Program (VTP)

The Vermont Training Program is administered by the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Department of Economic Development. It is a workforce development program to enhance the skills of the Vermont workforce and increase productivity of Vermont employers; grants may cover up to 50 percent of the training cost which can either be on-site or through a training provider/vendor.  For more information on VTP, visit http://accd.vermont.gov/economic-development/funding-incentives/vtp.


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